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City of Fitchburg Candidate Forum March 14th

  • Thursday, March 14, 2019
  • 7:00 PM
  • City Hall, Council Chambers


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Hello Neighbors;

On March 14th, starting at 7pm in the Council Chambers, there will be a Forum for candidates for Mayor, Seat 7 Alder, and Seat 8 Alder.  We now have more details to share with you about the Forum.  The Agenda is ATTACHMENT 1 to this email.  

The 6 “lead-off” questions that will be asked of all candidates are in ATTACHMENT 2.  There will also be one follow-up question chosen by people in attendance for each “lead-off” question.

We think the best way to organize the Forum is for the candidates for Mayor — Mr Gonzalez and Mr Richardson — to answer the 1st question (in that order), followed by the candidates for Seat 7 Alder — Mr Clauder and Mr Jones — (in that order), followed by the candidates for Seat 8 Alder — Mr Kinney and Ms Rice (in that order).  

The follow-up question to the 1st question will also be asked in that order.  The follow-up question (and all other follow-up questions) will determined by asking people in attendance to offer a follow-up question.  The question preferred by the largest number of attendees by show of hands will then be asked. 

The 2nd question will be asked of Mr Richardson and then Mr Gonzalez, followed by Mr Jones and then Mr Clauder, followed by Ms Rice and then Mr Kinney.  The follow-up question to the 2nd question will also be asked in that order.  The 3rd question will be asked in the same order as the 1st question.  The 4th will be asked in the same order as the 2nd, and so on for the 5th and 6th questions.

Regarding access to the Forum by people who can’t attend, FACTV is unable to provide LIVE coverage Thursday night but will broadcast the Forum at a later date. 

We hope you’ll be able to attend the Forum on March 14th or watch it on FACTV.    Please let us know if you have any questions about this email.

Tom Thoresen, President
Lacy Heights Neighborhood Association 

Michael Ejercito, President                                            
Seminole Forest Neighborhood Association   


AGENDA for March 14th Candidate Forum:

1) @ 7:00pm — Welcome and Review of Agenda by Michael Ejercito and Tom Thoresen

2) @ 7:05pm — 1 Minute Introduction by each candidate

3) @ 7:15pm — 2 Minute response to 1st question and 1 Minute response to follow-up question

4) @ 7:35pm — 2 Minute response to 2nd question and 1 Minute response to follow-up question

5) @ 7:55pm — 2  Minute response to 3rd question and 1 Minute response to follow-up question

6) @ 8:15pm — 2  Minute response to 4th question and 1 Minute response to follow-up question

7) @ 8:35pm — 2  Minute response to 5th question and 1 Minute response to follow-up question

8) @ 8:55pm — 2  Minute response to 6th question and 1 Minute response to follow-up question

9) @ 9:15pm — 1 Minute Closing Remarks by each candidate

10)@ 9:25pm — Wrap-up by Michael Ejercito and Tom Thoresen


“LEAD-OFF” QUESTIONS for March 14th Candidate Forum:

1. In 2 minutes, please tell us about yourself and why you should be elected mayor/alder.  What are the 3 greatest challenges for the city and how do you plan to address these challenges?

2) When Fitchburg residents were surveyed in 2017, “accountability" was the highest priority citizens wanted to see in city administrators and department heads.  As Mayor/Alder, please name the steps you are going to take to make more accountable to citizens: a) yourself and other elected officials; b) the chairpersons and members of city committees/boards/commissions; and c) city administrators and department heads? 

3) The North Stoner Prairie Neighborhood Plan was developed in 2012 and 2013 with the kind of notification and involvement required by law. The Comp. Plan was changed in 2017 for a six acre parcel from low/medium density to high density without the knowledge of affected neighbors.  The City Council has twice passed a ordinance to reinstate low/medium density.  The Plan Commission has twice rejected the Ordinance adopted by the Council.  Currently this matter is tabled for further study to see if the ordinance can be published or must be sent back to the Plan Commission.  As Mayor/Alder what will be the highest density you would allow on this parcel for purposes of a Comp. Plan Amendment or a rezone request, and why?

4) This spring the 3 year term of office for 4 of the 7 seats on the Plan Commission will expire.  If you are elected Mayor, what criteria and process will you use to select the people you will nominate to fill those 4 seats?  Will you ask your nominees to file the same financial disclosure form as the one you file, even though that is not required by a City Ordinance?  If you are elected Alder, what criteria and process will you use to decide if you will vote to confirm the appointment of people who have been nominated to fill those 4 seats? 

5) This year the City’s Comprehensive Plan will be updated for the 1st time in 10 years. The current Plan, does not allow the area west of Muchler Rd and south of Lacy Rd to be developed for a variety of reasons.  There are also many other “rural” areas in Fitchburg that are directly adjacent to an urbanized area.  When the Comp Plan Update comes to the Council for approval, what will you want to know (and what process will you use) before deciding if you will vote to approve any development beyond the boundaries of the currently urbanized area, if such development is recommended by the Plan Commission? 

6) The Seminole Glen kettle is a unique natural gem in Fitchburg. Unfortunately, prolonged standing water in the kettle has become the norm in the last two years for a variety of reasons including actions (and inaction) by the city.  This standing water is destroying the kettle ecosystem, causing a public health threat with billions of mosquitos, and is a drowning risk for neighborhood children.  As an elected official, how will you work to spur action from the city to enact effective short-term and long-term solutions, and find the money to pay for them?

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